About zk Bored Apes (ZKBA)

The thought process behind the collection is to set a community driven ZKSync NFT project. Though we are inspired by BAYC NFT Collection, ZK Bored Apes art is carefully created to commit owners that it is not matching any of the existing Ethereum BAYC trait combinations. Each NFT is unique and algorithmically generated from over 150+ possible traits, including head wears, coolers, clothing, expression and many more. Every ape is created with the thought process of depicting a most sylish version of Apes

Our vision is to produce a NFT collection which stands way apart from others with respect to rewards and utilities. As soon the collection is sold out, the owners get opportunity to stake their NFTs and get rewards through $bored tokens. There are plethora of utilities for the $bored tokens including purchase of merchendise, participating in voting rights and listing of $bored token in DEX to name a few. Zkboredapes are on the way to become the benchmark NFT collection on zkSync. Get yours!

NFT Staking is a great reward planned for investors. ZK Baby Apes NFT Collection will be released next, which would be exclusively for ZK Bored Apes holders as a free mint.


Phase 01 - Community Development

- Twitter & Discord Launch

- Website Launch

- Pre-Launch Giveaway & Community Building

Phase 02 - NFT Launch

- OG Role for 500 Discord members

- Mint Live

- Launch NFT Rarity App for ZK Bored Apes

Phase 03 - ETH & NFT Giveaway

ETH & NFT Giveaway - To Selected holders & Community after 25%, 50%, & 100% Minting

Phase 04 - NFT Stake & Earn

- Create $bored token

- Enable NFT Staking with $bored token as the reward to the Stakers

Phase 05 - zk Baby Apes

- Launch zk Baby Apes exclusively for the ZK Bored Apes Holders

Phase 06 - Roadmap 2.0 - Venture into metaverse

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What is zk Bored Apes (ZKBA)?

ZK Bored Apes are pixelated NFT art of 5500 unique collectible of Stylish Apes with proof of ownership stored on the zkSync blockchain.

When can i buy a zk Bored Apes(ZKBA)?

The NFTs release date would be aligned with ZKSync 2.0 Blockchain Mainnet Launch. Follow our official channels to find out the latest news.

What wallet can i use?

We currently only support the Metamask wallet.

What is the price of nft?


Where can I stake my nft?

You can stake your ZK Bored Apes directly from our app in the mint page where you can also manage your NFTs.


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